Did you miss National Ice Cream Day?

It’s okay, I didn’t have any either, but I LOVE to talk about the snacks at Disney and Universal, so let’s explore some of my top ice cream treats of ALL times!

First of all, throwback to this iconic Rapunzel Cone at Storybook Treats in Magic Kingdom. This was a lemon soft serve that was absolutely divine. Put an edible flower on ANYTHING and you’ve won me over forever.

Whenever I’m aboard Disney Cruise Line, I am ALWAYS ordering Sundaes. This one is my absolute favorite and I can not call it a cruise without! This is the Cookies and Cream Sundae–just look at the adorable chocolate on top!!

This is the Butterbeer Soft Serve, located in the Wizarding World (Diagon Alley to be exact) at Universal Orlando. And here this!! This is the BEST flavor of all times. To be clear and look like a true pro, order the SOFT SERVE, because there is also an ice cream and its’ different. Soft serve wins.

These beauties are the ‘mini kitchen sinks’ located at both Disney World AND Disneyland. This particular sink, is a chocolate chip cookie sink from Clarabell’s!! World and Land both have similar but different takes on the mini-sinks so you’ll need to just grab a spoon and try them ALL!

The tried and true Mickey Bar!! It’s just not Disney without having one of these, because they taste like home and joy and love and happy. AMIRIGHT?

What’s your favorite Disney or Universal ice cream treat? Let us know in the comments!

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