Why your journey SHOULD start here, and why it matters.

I brag about our Agency all the time, to anyone who will listen. I truly think we are the best team out there, and we’ve only gotten stronger during this past year (surviving a pandemic will do that to ya!!).

We work hard and we play hard, visiting all the destinations we can, to keep you up to date and in the loop. With over 200 agents, someone always has a picture or an answer if the other needs to ask.

Our hard work and dedication to our clients has awarded us with special credentials I want to share with you.

Disney has awarded us their coveted Platinum Earmarked status–which was the highest honor, up until a few years ago when they released the Diamond Tier. We all have a Diamond Mindset and know we will get there, but this tier is very special to us. We are so proud of this achievement despite the changes that have come our way as our org has shifted and grown. As agents, we are allowed a lot more visits (on a discount) so we can get back to the magic. We also have dedicated phone lines that help us get thru faster, on promo days and during the times you need us most, like a family emergency or a pandemic.

At Universal Studios, we are a Gold UPreferred Partner, soaring right past Bronze and Silver on our Nimbus 2000’s! Our love for Universal has grown so much over the past few years–with their amazing resorts, and great deals, it’s no wonder we are on a quick path to the top with this Destination. Many of our Agents (including me and Laura) got invited to stay and play on their dime last year! They take great care of their Agents–the thing I love the most is the extra media they give Preferred Partners. We have special images and pictures just for you that we get to share as we prepare you for your vacation.

Last but not the least by far, our most recent award is becoming a Preferred Partner with Sandals and Beaches. We did not put our pandemic year to waste by any means. Our entire team spent time training, learning, attending webinars, and traveling on many gifted resort stays to Sandals Destinations all over the world! These All Inclusive Properties have something for everyone, whether you’re looking for Adult Only or for your entire family!

We are dedicated to YOU. We have the combined knowledge and know-how to get you safely on your way to the destination of your choice. When you book with Fairytale Journeys, you can rest easy knowing that you truly have experts on your side.

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