My Favorite Chocolate Frog Finds

You may or may not have seen that over on my Facebook Page, I have declared 2021 to be, “The Year of the Chocolate Frog.” Just seems obscure and delicious enough to provide some motivation for a more magical year.

To me, this means a year of more magic, more fun, more butterbeer, and OBVIOUSLY….more chocolate frogs.

In honor of this I wanted to share my top 5 chocolate frog finds. In no particular order.

  1. Chocolage Frog Trinket Box, $24.95

How ADORABLE is this?? I personally own this item and it is absolutely perfect in every way. It’s fragile, so be sure to handle with care, but this makes an amazing addition to your nightstand or decorative shelf for a touch of whimsy!

2. Chocolate Frog Plus, $21.95

I also own this item, and IT SMELLS LIKE AN ACTUAL CHOCOLATE FROG! It is adorable. The bottom part is made of thin cardboard so it’s not the sturdiest. I recommend buying this online to ship rather than trying to cart it in your suitcase home. Excuse me while I go enjoy the scent of chocolate…

3. Chocolate Frogs, 4-Pack, $49.95

Is there really an explanation needed? These are delicious, authentic and COME WITH THE TRADING CARDS! I love them. I recently got one I had never seen before…Jocunda Sykes.

“This witch is famous for the first ever Atlantic broom crossing.”

4. Chocolate Frog Ornament, 24.00

There are a few but this one is my favorite! I think I want to do a Honeydukes themed tree next year. Doesn’t that sounds SUPER MAGICAL?

5. Chocolate Frog Cloth Face Mask, $8.00

There are a few styles—it was honestly hard to pick my favorite, but I think this one wins. These are so cute. Be sure to click around on the site because the link about is to the size Large, and they come in a variety of sizes. If we have to wear masks, they might as well be MAGICAL!! Right?

Click here for ALL the official chocolate frog merch you can get online via the Universal Store. There’s a lot to choose from!

Do you have any chocolate frog merch? Let us know in the comments below!

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