2020…We Made It…My HONEST Thoughts About Walt Disney World Post Covid.

Laying on an empty Main Street at 3:00pm in July

Wow, what a year, I don’t even know where to start. I mean, it started off so well, my business was booming, life was great, we had just given our grandchildren a Christmas gift to go to Walt Disney World. What could be better?

Our family went on a Star Wars Day at Sea Disney Cruise in January, I took my sister-in-law on a Bahamian Disney Cruise in February. March came and my family was at Disney World and the unthinkable happened….it closed. Literally closed.

March 15, 2020

Just like that all of our lives changed, this virus shut everything down and I spent the next 5 months calling clients and cancelling trips, truth is, it’s still happening. The cruise lines are still suspended and Disneyland is still closed.

When the announcement was made that Disney World would begin to open in July I had a flurry of mixed emotions. I was super excited that there would be magic again, I was beyond thrilled for the Cast Members who had been out of work, BUT I was also very nervous. Why you ask? Because just like the rest of the country, there is a scary virus out there and was it going to be safe to go? Could I send my clients?


I took it upon myself to go with fellow agents to the opening. I knew the protocols that were put into place and I fully trusted that Disney would keep me safe. The questions I had were the same as all of you…would it still be magical? No fireworks, no parades, no character interaction, no park hopping, was it really safe?

The answer to all of these questions is YES. IT REALLY STILL IS MAGICAL. It may be different but Disney hasn’t forgotten how to make magic.

There are in fact characters and mini parades that pop up, called cavalcades. You never know when one is coming, the music suddenly changes and BOOM, here comes a cavalcade! Character dining is coming back…slowly…and although the character interaction is different, it is still fun.

Safety: you are in the “Disney Bubble”. Everything is constantly sanitized, even the buildings on Main Street! You can find hand sanitizer all over as well as hand washing stations throughout the parks. Quick service dining is ordered and paid for via the My Disney Experience app, making everything touch less.

Was it crowed? This is a very common question. No, right now the parks can be at 35% capacity and you need a park reservation. This means that you can’t be turned away at the gate as long as you have a reservation. There is plenty of room and space to walk around and stay social distanced. Masks ARE required. No mask NO entry.

Should you go to Disney World? Absolutely yes. If you are comfortable traveling, you won’t regret it. I have had amazing feedback from my clients that have traveled. I have personally been there 4 times since July. It is stress free, it takes a lot less planning. Enjoy the pictures of my magical adventures post covid!

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