Universal Studios Hollywood: A Great Destination for Littles!

Facebook reminded me this morning, that I was at Universal Studios Hollywood one year ago today.

Those who have been around awhile, know that this park is my absolute jam! I love the smaller size and the California vibe.

This particular trip, we filled up two park days seeing and doing all the things. I wanted to share my experience, because I think this park is a must-do, ESPECIALLY with littles!

The Minions section at the Hollywood Park is, in my opinion, superior. Four words to start this off: SUPER. SILLY. FUN. LAND.

This is your tiny people place, y’all. There are rides, games, amazing decor, snacks, characters and oh my gosh…the splash pad of your dreams. We didn’t do the splashpad because it was too cold, but it’s incredible.

We also loved playing in Springfield. They have tons of games over here, where you can win prizes! I loved all the different characters we saw from this series, too!

I can not stress enough, to try a Krusty Burger. It looks exactly how you would think it would, haha!! But it is DELICIOUS, and even more so, paired with a Duff Beer.

And no trip is complete with our a souviner sipper and GIANT DONUT from Lard Lad’s!

Of course, perhaps one of the most famous parts of either Universal Park…the Wizarding World is an absolute must do. The immersive experience into Hogsmeade at Universal Hollywood is so magical.

Flight of the Hippogriff is the perfect coaster for littles, as well as a massive stop in Honeydukes for all the treats! Here you can find Bertie Every Flavor Beans, chocolate frogs, treacle fudge, Gilly Water and so much more! Their candy counter is unreal!

We saw soooo many characters this trip. Trolls, Minions, Hello Kitty and Curious George.

Another stop I recommend is the Hello Kitty store! They have an entire of fudge and candy shaped characters that will be the most adorable part of your visit!

They also have a build your own Hello Kitty ears bar! You pick your headband, bow, and bow center and can mix and match however you like! To this day, these are still a big hit in my house!

All in all, this is a great destination in and of itself, or as part of your SoCal adventure!

Have you been? Leave us a comment below!

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