Remy Brunch, Aboard Disney Cruise Line

Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy have an adult only restaurant on board called Remy, and let me just say…only Disney could pull off an incredibly beautiful restaurant based on a rat.

That’s right! Remy, from Ratatouille, is the inspo for this gorgeous restaurant at sea. You can find him in all the details!

On my last sailing on the Dream, we stopped by to confirm our reservation and were given a lovely tour by Susan, a Cast Member who hosts guests in both Remy and Palo, Disney’s other onboard Adult-Only Dining Experience.

First stop is always gushing over the two most expensive bottles on board, one valued at 25K and one at 14K! Can you imagine? Both of these are featured and referenced in Ratatouille!

Remy had two dedicated private dining locations. One in their massive wine room and the other in room that looks like it’s straight out of a French Castle! Lo and behold, when we arrived to Remy for our meal, Susan set us up on this very room, the Gusteau Room, which was such a huge treat and act of thoughtfulness that only Disney can do!

We were greeted by, and attended to, by several different waitstaff. Each were experts about different parts of the brunch. We were offered a complimentary glass of champagne to start with options of continuing the champagne pairings with each of the courses, or every few courses.

Bread and butters were served alongside a tiny dish of Fleur de Sel…so divine! The butters were Kale, regular and Pepper. All were delicious and creamy! Not much beats a really good plain butter to me, but the pepper was probably my favorite.

A menu was waiting on the table for us, boasting each of the six courses offered, and you can see the champagne offerings mentioned before as well.

Courses included ham, asparagus and caviar, lobster, wagayue beef, chicken, and a vanilla cream dessert.

Each course was thoughtfully designed and curated by both Chefs at Remy, weaving layers, textures and flavors together you could never have imagined would work!

It’s hard to say which was my favorite, but the chicken dish was probably at the top for me!

At the end of our culinary journey, the Chef sent out an extra dessert if tiny cakes filled with vanilla and sugar. They were so light and fluffy and perfect!

I definitely recommend this experience and will do this again. The cost is $75 per person, and this does include gratuity. Note that if you choose to have still or sparkling water, this is also an additional cost and subject to an additional gratuity.

Let us know if you’ve dined at Remy, or if this is on your to do list for your next sailing! And don’t forget to look for all those amazing details that Disney does so well!

Thanks for reading!

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