Snow White’s Storybook Dining

This is a fairly new experience to the Walt Disney World Dining Selection. A revamped Artist’s Point, at Wilderness Lodge, is the PERFECT setting to meet Snow White and friends! Laura and I will be visiting here for a further review, in just a few days, and we can’t wait to share more with you!


Here, your apps and desserts are pre-selected for you, so if you have a special dietary need, be sure to communicate this when you make your reservation. (As always, we can help with this!)

I was particularly impressed with the Kid’s Menus. Check out this fabulous spread Clare got as an appetizer! And that jar in her hand?? It’s a CHURN YOUR OWN BUTTER. So amazing! The details are unreal.


Snow White, Dopey and Grumpy make their grand entrance to the meals, with music and fanfare. This character interaction was AMAZING. They spent a lot of time at our table and were really on point. In particular, Grumpy was pretty ‘grumpy’ about having to use a pink pen to sign Clare’s autograph book, ha ha ha!

After dinner, you have the opportunity to meet the Evil Queen. She is HILARIOUS and both evil and queen to a T. You have to do this, y’all!


I highly recommend this experience. It’s very unique and as mentioned–the details are incredible. Down to the menus, the table set up, the characters–you will love it! And don’t forget, if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan or Deluxe Dining Plan, take advantage of that included specialty drink! I loved the “Enchanted Apple”!


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