Pirates and Pals: A Fun Way to See Fireworks!



On my last visit we took an amazing pirate voyage on the Seven Seas Lagoon for a unique view and experience for the night time fireworks show at Magic Kingdom. It was a blast! I recommend this experience to those who:

*LOVE pirates

*Don’t mind a late night

*Love fireworks

*Like to have fun!


This experience starts out at the Contemporary where Patches the Pirate, greets you with quite the flare! Then, you can enjoy a fully decked out pirate room with both savory and sweet treats (ummm, think: freezer FULL of magical mickey ice cream bars!! YUM!), while you mingle with Captain Hook and Smee.


Later, you are escorted to the dock where you are reminded 23910283 times, that there are NO bathrooms on the ships. HA! There are plenty of stops before getting on the boat, so if need be, take advantage!!


And you’ll also see the gorgeous Contemporary Hotel lit up at night–she is a beauty!!

Patches continues the tour with songs and antics aboard your mighty vessel as you sail around and win prizes and interact with Patches at sea. Then, perfectly timed, Patches introduces the most magical fireworks show on earth, and you have an incredible view of the whole thing!

I have to say–this was a unique view of the Fireworks. You really get to see the whole thing from a different perspective and the music is piped into the boat so it’s absolutely perfect.


Upon docking back at the Contempo, you’re greeted by Peter Pan who has Photo Pass with him for those not-to-miss pictures!

Have you done a Pirates and Pals voyage? Drop a comment below!

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