So you think you’re kids are too old for Disney?

So you think you’re kids are too old for Disney? Even worse, you think that you’re too old for Disney? Heck no, Walt built the parks to keep us all young at heart and built them for everyone!

I just returned home from yet another mother/son trip to Disney World, it has become a bit of a tradition over the years. I chuckle when I use the word “tradition” because my son lives by it, regardless of being mocked by those around him. Disney is a huge tradition in our family and we LOVE it.

This trip was a way to celebrate Joseph’s acceptance to Grad School, his 21st birthday, and dare I say my 50th. (Full disclosure, both birthdays were celebrated early)

Running through the parks is NOT the same as it was when Joseph was a little boy, there are some aspects of those times that I miss. However, if you think that his eyes don’t light up when he sees his favorite characters or he smiles less on his favorite rides, you are very wrong. He still loves to open and close the parks, ride the same rides over and over, watch the fireworks, and take pictures with characters.  This is everything to me, it brings me the same joy it did when he was 6.  It is still worth every dime to make these memories!


No folks, no one is ever too old to go to Disney Parks as long as you stay young at heart.

How old are your kids? When are you going back? Start planning, go back, feel young, make memories regardless of how old you and your kids are. Truth be told…we aren’t getting younger 😳

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