Remy: A Truly Decadent Experience

Remy is one of two adult-only restaurants aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. This upscale, French dining room, is a serious five-star, white glove experience. They have a menu to choose from, but I highly recommend going with the Chef’s Menu. My Best Friend I recently did this meal together, and we each chose one of the two suggested menus.


First, let’s just talk about how only Disney can make something so fine and luxurious after well…a rat! Yes, I am referring to Remy from the well known Disney movie, Ratatouille. He’s hidden in all the details in this establishment so make sure to look around so you don’t miss a thing!

After being seated with the appropriate colored dinner napkin for our laps, because yes we are fancy, our waiter made us each a cocktail right there at our table: The Colette. (Yes, also from the movie!) It was DIVINE!

Guys, there was a cheese cart…A  CHEESE CART!! There were many courses (I think we totaled 11, even though only 7 or 8 were actually listed). The chef is VERY involved and as you give feedback, he tends  to send special things, or additional things out to you, just depending on what’s going on.

Everything was just plated so beautifully…

remy 5

Here’s one of the desserts we received, with gold flakes on top! Amazing.


You’re also given a box of handmade chocolates to take with you to-go. In  addition to this, our chef also made us lollipops! Such a fun twist and I tried to save onto them as long as I could–they were the best lollipops in the entire world!

remyy 7

I would certainly repeat this experience again and recommend it to all my clients, especially those who are foodies and like to try new things. The service in and of itself, is EVERYTHING and the atmosphere is perfect.

Have you given Remy a try? Or perhaps Palo is more to your liking? Drop a comment below and tell us your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

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