A Review of Anna and Elsa’s Warm Welcome

Disney Floral and Gifts is an awesome delivery service that can help enhance your Disney World or Disneyland stay, with magical goodies. One of the more involved things they do, are called In Room Celebrations (click HERE for a full list of these.)

Last year I ordered up Anna and Elsa’s Warm Welcome to surprise my daughter for her third birthday. I couldn’t find any detailed reviews online so I hope this will be super helpful!

I scheduled our “decoration time” from 6-8pm because I knew we’d be out at dinner and it would be so fun to come back to this that night. A representative from Disney Floral and Gifts showed up about 25 minutes early and we were still in the room–eek! BUT…he was super nice and had all the goodies inside an unmarked plastic container so there was no indication of what he was there for. We were in the process of gathering our things for the evening anyway, so he waited down the hall for us to leave. My daughter was busy getting her shoes on and had NO idea (thank goodness!) what was going on HAHA!

When we returned after dinner there was a gorgeous banner on the door!


I tried to take video of what happened when we got inside, but it really didn’t turn out. The floor was lined with cute, sturdy plastic luminaries with snowflake designs and about half of them had a hot pink tea light and the other half, a royal blue tea light. It was SO pretty!

There were two queen beds in our room, and enough goodies to fill up both beds! She got a blanket, pillow case, TONS of treats (rice krispies, jellybeans, popcorn, bottled water, and I know there was more I just can’t recall!). There was an Anna and Elsa gift bag filled with more treats and a plush Olaf, and then a beautiful white almost Santa-sack looking bag filled with snowballs (LOL!) and instructions on all kinds of games to play with them!

She also got a few pairs of special 3D glasses you are supposed to watch the fireworks with!


All in all, it was VERY cute and I felt like I got my money’s worth with this gift. I would say it’s probably for kiddos a little older (she had JUST turned 3), to better enjoy the snowball game and glasses, but she loved the treats and uses the blanket all the time at home! Honestly, she was most into the tea lights, HA!! But I know she got a huge kick out of it all. We still have the frozen door banner on her bedroom door at home!

Have you ever done an In-Room Celebration? Let us know how you enjoyed this!

Thanks for reading!

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