Holiday and Special Themed Cruising on DCL…let’s break them all down…

My guess is that when you think of Halloween and the Holidays you think about Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party and why not?? They are magical and we all love to go but did you know that Disney Cruise Line has both Halloween on the High Seas and Very Merrytime Cruises? Did you know that Disney Cruise Line also offers themed cruising as well? Not to worry if you don’t, I’m going to break it down for you right here and right now!


Halloween On the High Seas

These sailing are offered on all 4 ships from September through the end of October. The ships are completely decorated for Halloween and feature special events such as Halloween costume contests (we won best group costume for our Gillian’s Island costumes), trick or treating, deck party, and more.



Very Merrytime Cruises

These sailings are also offered fleet wide on all 4 ships and are offered November until late December. These sailings are really magical as not only are the ships decorated for the Holidays but so is Castaway Cay! You might even see snow on the ship, after all, Santa does come for a visit. There is even a gigantic, and I mean life size gingerbread house in the atrium. It’s real but you can’t eat it.

Check out this video that Emily made!

Emily’s top 5 things about a Very Merrytime Cruise

Thanksgiving and New Years Cruises

You might wonder what happens if you are on the ships on Thanksgiving or New Years. It just so happens that you are treated to special holiday magic because, well, it’s Disney and it’s a holiday. In 2018 the sailings will fall in the following dates:

Thanksgiving: 11/16 on the Magic our of NY, 11/17 on the Wonder our of Miami, and on 11/19 out of Port Canaveral on the Fantasy.

New Years Eve: 12/27 on the Wonder out of Galveston, 12/28 on the Magic, 12/29 and 12/31 out of Port Canaveral on the Fantasy and Dream.


Star Wars Day at Sea

I think this has to me my favorite themed cruise, after all, I love Star Wars. The Disney Fantasy is transformed into a galaxy far away for an entire day while at sea. Characters are roaming around, there are meet and greets, BB8 races, and just so much to see and do. The day ends with an amazing deck party and show with fireworks to the Star Wars soundtrack. It just brought tears to my eyes. ( I even got to live out my Dream moment)


The 2018 sailings are coming to an end this month but have been announced for 2019! 1/19-3/19 on the Disney Fantasy.



Marvel Day at Sea

If you are a Marvel fan, this is the sailing for you! These sailings are offered on the Disney Magic and wow, they are fun! Much like the Star Wars Day, the ship comes to life but this time with your favorite Marvel characters, both good and maybe even some evil. The nighttime deck party and fireworks show is not to be missed, some amazing things might happen!


Some of the 2019 dates have been announced with more to come once the fall 2019 Itineraries are announced. So far we have 1/6, 1/11, 1/20, 1/25, 2/3, 2/8, 2/17, 2/22, 3/3, and 3/8. These are all 5 night Caribbean and Bahamian sailings out of Miami.


You might be wondering what happens to Pirate Night on these sailings. Absolutely nothing!! These special nights are in addition to pirate nights so you see fireworks twice. The only exception is on 3 night cruises where Pirate night shares the Halloween and Holiday parties. But you never miss a Pirate night!

Have you sailed any of these special cruises? Would you like to? Drop a comment or contact us for more information.

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