Disney Cruise Line: Rotational Dining…what is it and how does it work?

Disney Cruise Line was the first to offer rotational dining. What is rotational dining? Let me tell you all about it.


Each Disney ship has 3 main dining rooms, each dining room is themed differently and Disney doesn’t want you to miss any of them. They created a way that each guest could not only dine at least once in each restaurant but also have the same servers with them for the entire sailing. These servers get to know you and your family and actually become a part of your family. The more you sail, the more you see them and it’s like coming home.

When you arrive at port and are given your Key to the World card, you will see your dining rotation. The example below shows this guest dining at Royal, Animators, Enchanted, Royal, Animators, Enchanted, and Royal.

The menu will change each night in each restaurant but the table number and the servers will always remain the same.

I love rotational dining, have you experienced it? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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