Three Snacks I Love When Visiting Walt Disney World


What’s your favorite Mickey shaped snack?

Mine has got to be the mickey pretzel pictured above, especially when you can get it with cheese sauce! So delicious!!


Popcorn is my next favorite, of course. You can’t be in the park without snacking on a bag or two of popcorn. And in many places, you can buy a souvenir popcorn bucket and get $1 refills the rest of your time in the parks! Super deal!!


fashion soda

What better to wash this all down with, than what I like to refer to as a “fashion soda”? HA! This also comes in a Chewbacca style, and can be found at Hollywood Studios! BB8 can also be found inside Magic Kingdom, at Cosmic Ray’s.


Happy Snacking! Drop a comment below and let us know what your favorite is!

Thanks for reading!


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