5 Tips on Taking a Toddler to the Parks

As many of you know, I’ve traveled with my daughter, who is now 3, to Disney Destinations when she was only 4.5 months old! She’s a pro at Disney World and Disney Cruise Line now, and I wanted to share with you, 5 things that make life easier with a toddler in tow.

stroller1. Know you’ll have to go at their pace.

Sometimes your kiddos will fall asleep like magic, in a stroller. Sometimes you need to plan your days around getting back to a comfy bed so they can rest! My advice to clients is to always follow their lead on this, to make the most of your Disney Stay. I’ve had days where I’ve completely rearranged my schedule, and never regretted it. Sometimes the SWEETEST moments are singing songs on the bus on the way back to the hotel, chilling in our mermaid bed at Art of Animation and watching movies, or just taking a nap together! If you can be flexible, your trip will be perfect!


campus backpack

2. Carry a backpack.

I like the Campus Backpack from Vera Bradley (click picture to take you directly to the site for more options!). It has great pockets on the sides to hold drinks, and plenty of storage inside to hold anything you might need for the day. My philosophy is that it’s better to pack more than you need then not enough!

Grab one of these Mom Hooks from Amazon to keep your backpack secure on your stroller, and then enjoy being hands free when you go to a ride and can easily throw it on your back!


stroller balloon

3. Tie a balloon, or three, to your stroller.

I love this trick because going in and outside of rides, your stroller can get moved by a Cast Member, OR really start to blend in with every other stroller in the park! Note that Animal Kingdom will now allow balloons (or Animal Kingdom Lodge for that matter), and in this case I recommend tying  something onto your stroller handle–at night we will even use glow sticks to find our way back to our stroller!


4. Consider a Dessert Party.

This is one of the many magical things you can take advantage of if your sweet child is still age 2 or under for free. You’ll have to pay your own way in, but it’s a great way to enjoy some special treats and have a priority VIP viewing of a night time show! We LOVE doing this in Magic Kingdom especially. With littles, it’s the best way to see the fireworks at night! These happen in Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Check with us to see what is available on your travel dates!



5. Bubble Wands are MAGIC.

The ultimate Toddler distraction will cost you around $20 but it comes with batteries! Lights, bubbles, this will keep them distracted for MINUTES (seriously like 20). Yes, it’s worth the investment, and yes you’ll thank me later.




Have more tips and tricks for taking your toddlers to the parks? Drop a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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